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International Journal of Business Insights and Transformation

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IJBIT recognises that the world of management is full of excellent ideas possessed by both academics and practitioners. IJBIT gives you an opportunity for refereed recognition by way of dissemination of your written work to both academicians and industry practitioners in the field of management.

We welcome and honour your sincere interest in researching across a wide cross-sectional arena of management literature. IJBIT is devoted to an understanding of issues in the management of global enterprises, global management theory & practice and providing theoretical and management implications useful for the further development of research.

IJBIT provides a lively and friendly forum for academics, practitioners and policy makers, at all levels and stages of their careers, from different parts of the world, to present and discuss their latest findings in management sciences of particular interests areas but are not limited to:

Business strategy, economics, finance and risk management, organizational behaviour, human resource management, marketing, operations and supply chain management, quantitative techniques in business, corporate governance, business laws and intellectual property rights, management information system and information technology. IJBIT is designed to serve an audience of academic researchers and educators as well as business professionals, by publishing both theoretical and empirical research relating to management, strategy and business transformation issues.